Hi, I am a UK based singer-Songwriter. I am a multi-instrumentalist producer and also a seasoned lyricist and singer.

My sound is diverse and eclectic, influenced by my many years of being a professional musician and songwriter, and of course a music addict.

Genre-wise I am like a sponge, shuffle mode was a brilliant invention for someone like me. Utilising it within my daily exercise regime is a vehicle for travelling to the rich landscape of soundwave triggering emotional beauty, embracing and absorbing both the light and darkness.

I’ll absorb the majesty of AC/DC through to the pounding New Wave gnarl of JOY DIVISION, skipping happily to the ethereal soundscapes of CHICANE (MASSIVE FAN) EDM.



In reflection upon my composing of “Sync” orientated tracks, I draw upon my many years as a songwriter, lyricist, fictional book writer and performing artist (Covers and original)……..a side note; never knock a seasoned cover musician, we play at weddings, parties to the masses so get an unbelievable understanding of what the masses like or don’t!!.

I am as I said a multi-instrumentalist producer (And mix engineer), with a professional level studio but I am also highly experienced top line writer and lyricist, working globally with high-end producers.

Recently I have been accessing the Fiverr platform with a growing number of gigs as a top liner vocalist (Including lyrics). Here is the LINK as you can see it’s early days on this platform but every review is 5 *!!!. Here I have worked with producers from Rock to EDM….

The challenge with ”SYNC” music is to create tracks that emulate that emotion with which full lyrical songs do. I pride myself on being a champion “Millenial whooper”. LOL.

Writing non-lyrical based vocal hooks that grab the listener on an emotional level and add that organic human recipe that brings the musical composition to life.

As I said I am eclectic in my song production, but have niched down to creating “BIG CINEMATIC” pieces with an “EPIC MAJESTY”. And I believe the top line lead instrumental and vocal hooks are both instant and are drenched in an accomplished “POP” sensibility.

Production wise I am a string arranging obsessive and am very much influenced by the otherworldly soundscapes of ambient music, particularly EDM producers such as CHICANE. I mix things up a lot!!. Niching down to this sound, I tend to create with organic instruments, particularly with drum sounds, being a drummer myself, but although my tracks generally have that “Live” feel the pieces themselves definitely draw from the colouration and production of aforementioned ambient EDM works.

As a trained mix engineer with a bespoke recording studio, I have a snare drum obsession (LOL GEEK ALERT !!), us puritan mix types feel that the fundamental component of any drum orientated music is the tone, level and processing of the snare!!!

As you can hear on the track samples I have produced the drum sounds with a nod to the genre and indeed timeline, Crash and Burn emulates that dry punchy New-Wave (late 70’s early 80’s) snare in contrast to Satellite World in all it’s EPIC-CINEMATIC, REVERB drenched classic stadium rock snare sound. I feel attention to details such as genre and timelines such as this help define the pitching of tracks to third parties.

For me, a track must emote a powerful, cinematic element and vibe. Yes, I revel in BIG and EPIC soundscapes but also enjoy creating more left field “Lo-Fi” pieces, catering for your more “…alt-indy film-production-advert..”, type thing!.

Testimonials from “Top line writing”; FIVERR LINK

“I contacted Alex because I liked his voice on the sound clips, but I needed someone to write the lyrics for a piece of music that I had written. Alex came up with an outstanding melody/lyrics and delivered the work in a timely fashion. Communication was great, and I look forward to working with Alex again. He is a true professional.” – BIGWRECK-  (USA)

“Amazing artist!!”- IGOR GARNIER – DJ producer (USA)

“This guy is a professional. He was able to achieve exactly what I heard in my head. Would absolutely hire again! 10/10”- TDF productions- Beer commercial placement (USA)



Here are some quotes from my musical history;

“This is so good” -Single review “Piggy Back Ride” FAKE; released on More Protein, in NME –MOBY

Bigger than time”. Album review; My days with the Astronauts, Blankspace; STEPHEN DALTON (International journalist) in NME

Christ we better sign him before the majors do”- Pre- Fake, signing to More Protein BOY GEORGE

A pedigree stallion (Bit weird lol), and Monster writer” LIAM TEELING @ the time SONY and champion of the artiste Seal

Smashing, I hear the ghost of Marc Bolan”- single played on Radio One, The late JOHN PEEL (God rest his soul), Radio One

Wow that’s one haunting song”, STEVE LAMACQ, single aired on Radio One

Goddamit I should go down to the Nashville radio stations and kick the doors in with this song”- PATRICK CLIFFORD @ the time Ten Ten Publishing (TN) now CEO @ Disney Publishing Nashville


The releases were critically well received but not “Commercial successes”, one issue was perhaps my eclectic and somewhat mercurial creative nature, thus musical offerings were hard to pigeon hole as an “ARTISTE”….BUT for “SYNC” writing that’s a MASSIVE bonus!!. So all good, I’m glad I’m here now as trying to be a ROCK STAR was a bit dull really!!.

I have collaborated with some high-end USA based writers, notably PAM SHEYNE * Wiki link….(Genie in a bottle co-writer) and ERIC ROSSE  * Wiki Link (Tori Amos producer and co-writer). With Pam, I got a cut with the South African X-factor winner Elvis Blue on his latest album.

Currently, I am collaborating with IGOR GARNIER (See link), a rising star, DJ Producer EDM with a set for a summer release of our track “RISING UP”. That was though Fiverr!!.


My God you’re still here!!.

In regards to being a SYNC writer, having written, recorded and self-produced 500 tracks or more, plus all my experience as a pro musician over the years I am highly experienced.

I don’t post of Instagram every 5 minutes and I don’t care to be a Rock Star anymore, all I want to do is create emotive, cool music!.

Two of the 5 tracks showcase my BIG CINEMATIC sound as I talked about earlier- namely “SATELLITE WORLD” and “HOME AGAIN”.

Two are more New Wave, Joy Division-esque, with a contemporary edge but still a colouring of EPIC and Cinematic. Namely- “CRASH and BURN” and “SEE it in YOUR EYES”.

The last track is my WILDCARD…a gentle Nick Drake Alt-country singer-songwriter track, I can hear/see it on a summery TV advert that has a happy, serene vibe. BRIGHTER DAY:

My 5 track showcase represents my eclectic creative style.