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…”This is SO good…”(MOBY)… New UK artiste DREW’s sound …. truly EPIC, DARK and as HEARTBREAKING and uncompromising as Jeff Buckley….


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As one reviewer put it from the NME, “Bigger than time, the only UK band that could cover Neil Young’s, Expecting to fly, and do it justice”. In short, if you are a fan of the legendary father and son Singer-Songwriters Tim and Jeff Buckley, and have a thirst for anthemic, soul searching rock n’ soul CLOSER will “Tick the boxes” so to speak.

DREW’s lyrics and haunting melodies have captured the critic’s attention globally, a true Song-Writing craftsman with the ability to humbly connect and engage with the listener. Listening to the tracks is an early check-in to Heartbreak hotel, where the decor is like a Tarantino film set.

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